Interacting with guests

49m 9s

12 Lessons


Establishing strong and meaningful interactions with guests is the foundation of brand loyalty. If guests don’t feel emotionally connected to your venue, they might choose to stay somewhere else! On the other hand, if you build strong interactions with your guests they’re likely to come back and positively impact your brand reputation.

In this course, Sales Manager Beatrice Gallo takes you through the fundamental practices of interacting with guests. From understanding how to assess your guests’ needs to learning various techniques that will help you remember your guests’ names, you will discover how your interaction with your guests impacts their experience and how you can make their stay a memorable one.


  • The meaning of establishing rapport with guests
  • How to identify the positive outcomes of establishing rapport with guests when interacting
  • How to assess your guests’ needs
  • Why remembering your guests’ names is important
  • Various techniques to help you remember guests’ names for interaction
  • How smiling can help you interact with guests
  • The purpose of non-verbal communication and how to demonstrate powerful body language to positively interact with guests
  • How to interact with guests through conversation
  • Tips to improve the conversation
  • Tips to avoid when interacting with guests
  • What active listening is and techniques to improve it when interacting with guests
  • Various questioning techniques
  • Why learning how to say no is important
  • How to manage and solve problems when interacting with guests
  • How to identify opportunities to grow cultural knowledge
  • How to proactively be aware of internal products and services

This course is ideal for hotel employees as well as any workers in the hospitality industry interacting with guests.