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In a fast-paced world in which human connections are increasingly fleeting; Typsy believes that hospitality moments make the world a better place. We believe that it’s the hospitality we provide others that defines us.

That’s why we want to empower our members. By providing them with access to insider tips and knowledge they can skill up, serve the world better and make every hospitality moment exceptional.

To execute our vision, we have reimagined how hospitality skills are learned and shared. We’re online, we’re global, we’re a community, and we’ve got course content from the world’s best instructors that you can access anytime and anywhere.

If you want bite-sized, specific, and, dare we say it, fun tips and lessons in specialist hospitality skills why would you go anywhere else?

How we help

Typsy provides online education to individuals, businesses, schools, associations, and governments globally to help people develop their skills and build their credentials. Typsy is an online learning experience platform with a curated library of short, bite-sized video lessons, all filmed with industry experts globally.

Typsy began in Melbourne over 5 years ago with an aim to engage and inspire learners with engaging and accessible hospitality tips from leading industry experts worldwide. We have now been well adopted globally, with users in 120+ countries. Every month more than 1 million video lessons are watched on Typsy.

Typsy is a simple to use online education platform containing over 1500 expert-led lessons, courses, quizzes, and certificates. These can be watched and earned online anywhere, anytime by people using their own device.

We continue to launch new courses every month and our videos have closed-caption subtitles in over 20 languages including French, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, and English.

Businesses of all sizes love to use Typsy to skill up their staff at scale, onboard new starters with ease, and reduce time spent training. They can also upload their own training and easily track and report on achievements. Groups with us include Radisson Hotel Group, Wyndham, Hyatt, Blue Plate, Delaware North, Outrigger, and more. Some of the world's largest and most prestigious hospitality schools use Typsy, including EHL (Lausanne), Le Cordon Bleu, Hong Kong Polytechnic, Emirates Academy, Centennial College, and we are often integrated with their existing Learning Management Systems for blended learning or used to support flipped classroom models and effective pedagogies. Governments and Associations generally include improving skills competency as part of their short and long-term strategic plans. We work with them to support large-scale skills development projects. Users can choose from free or paid subscriptions.

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Our members include some of the world's largest hotel and restaurant chains, hospitality learning institutions, and passionate individuals from across the globe. Ready to join the Typsy Community?

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