Become a Typsy Community Expert!

Have a valuable hospitality tip? Transform it into a short, engaging video lesson to showcase on Typsy. As a Community Expert, you'll have the exciting opportunity to film your own insightful lessons and submit them for inclusion in our extensive video lesson library.

Introducing Typsy's Community Expert featureā€”a dedicated space for the worldwide hospitality community to unite. Here, you can seamlessly exchange knowledge, ideas, and practical tips with like-minded professionals. Join us in empowering the global hospitality industry, one shared lesson at a time!


How it works

Become a Typsy member

Sign up for a Typsy account and create your profile.

Film your lesson

Film a short video lesson using your phone, computer, or old-school video camera - get creative!

Upload your video

Submit your video to Typsy! Fill in the form and upload your video to our Dropbox folder.

We'll review your video

Every video submitted will go through checks to ensure it meets our Community guidelines and video standards.

Go live!

When your video passes all our checks, we'll publish it to our lesson library. We'll be in touch to let you know when this happens.

Watch and share

Celebrate your own success and the success of others by watching and sharing our Community Expert videos.

A few simple rules

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Be informative

Make sure your video is informative, hospitality-related, and fun.

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Be short

Make sure your video is 5 minutes or less.

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Be in landscape

Make sure to film your video in landscape. We will not accept portrait video submissions.

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Must teach something

Your video must highlight and discuss a skill relevant to the hospitality industry.

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Be filmed in English

We love our global community and want everyone to be involved. However, for the time being we can only accept videos in English.

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Be exclusive

We don't publish content that is published elsewhere.

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Have clear sound quality

We must be able to clearly hear and understand you.

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Have clear visuals

Please use the highest quality recording device available to you, preferably a phone over a laptop. Remember to look directly into the camera lens, not at the screen if you're using your phone. Avoid any shaky camera movements or recording in poorly lit environments. Need more information? Watch our how-to video here.

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Must not include

We will not accept videos with swearing or nudity. 

We will not accept videos with advertising or promotional messages.

We will not accept videos that breach copyright. You, as the uploader, must own or have licensing permission to use everything that appears in your video, including but not limited to music, images, and text.


Typsy’s Community Experts is a place where the global hospitality community comes together to learn, teach, and share ideas. It's a great way to spread expertise, tips, and tricks - all in short video format.

We encourage all Community Experts to film in one take to keep things authentic and personal. Of course, if you feel like adding your personal touch through some edits, go for it!

The best lessons are those that are short, specific, and relevant to our audience of hospitality professionals who work in food and beverage or accommodation focussed venues. Find out more here:

At Typsy we like to shine a spotlight on our instructors and their expertise. So yes, if you are the expert then we want to see you in your video!

Check out our explainer video here:

Yes! For every video successfully accepted and published to the Typsy platform, you'll earn AUD$500.

We've got your Community Expert questions covered on our Help Hub:

Ready to share your skills with the Typsy Community?

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