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Food and Beverage 64 Courses

Turning Bartending into a Career
The Life of a Modern Bartender
How to Keep Your Bar Clean
The Punch Cocktail Formula
The Cocktail Formula
The Sour Cocktail Formula
Picking the Right Ice For Cocktails
How to Garnish Cocktails
Essential Cocktail Making Techniques
How to Measure Cocktails
Essential Bartending Tools
How to Make a Whiskey Sour
How to Make a Remember the Maine
How to Make a Whiskey Highball
How to Make a Sazerac
How to Make a Manhattan
How to Make an Old Fashioned
How to Talk About Whiskey Flavor
A Guide to Whiskey Glasses
How Barrel Aging Affects Whiskey
The History of Bourbon
How to Make Beer Recommendations
How to Taste and Appreciate Beer
Beer Terminology and Acronyms
Beer Myths and Misconceptions
Porter and Stout Beer Basics
Wheat Beer Basics
Pale Ale and IPA Basics
Pilsner Beer Basics
How to Pour and Serve a Beer
How Beer is Brewed
The Ingredients of Beer
How Dose Impacts Espresso Extraction
Coffee Terminology

Coffee Terminology

by Pete Licata Short Course 4:30 mins
Importance of the Barista
How to Clean an Espresso Machine
How to Make a Cappuccino
Closing and Cleaning a Coffee Grinder
How to Make a Flat White
How to Identify Off Wine
A Guide to Wine Tannins
How Wine is Made
How Wine Fermentation Works
How to Polish a Wine Glass
How to Hold a Wine Glass
How To Decant Wine Like a Pro
Why Oak Matters in Winemaking
Sparkling Wine Superstars
White Wine Superstars
Red Wine Superstars
Old World vs New World Wines
How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

Marketing 105 Courses

How to Create an About Us Page
4 Useful Pinterest Tools
How to View Pinterest Analytics
Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
How to Set Up Your Pinterest Boards
How to Build a Pinterest Following
How to Set Up a Pinterest Account
What Is Pinterest and How Does It Work?
Food Photography - Camera Angles
How to Get More Followers on Social Media
Food Photography - DSLR vs Smartphone
Food Photography - Lighting
Food Photography - Best Practices
The Right Ways to Gain SEO Backlinks
Email Marketing 101 for Hotels
Video Marketing 101 for Hotels
Podcasting and Audio 101 for Hotels
Blogging and Guides 101 for Hotels
Content Marketing 101 for Hotels
Tip to Build Your Email List
How to Create a Marketing Plan
How to Create a Marketing Commitee
How to Remove False Online Reviews
Running a Successful Instagram Contest
Setting Up a Facebook Business Page
How to Advertise on Facebook
How to Schedule Facebook Posts
How to Run a Facebook Competition
How to Engage Your Facebook Followers
How to Get Likes on Facebook
Extending Your Reach on Facebook
3 Useful Facebook Apps
How to Set Up an Instagram Account
How to Get More Instagram Followers
Getting Your Team to Help With Instagram
Developing an Instagram Content Strategy
8 Helpful Instagram Tools
6 Helpful Social Media Tools
How to Use Social Media Hashtags
Using Cross-Promotions on Social Media
Encouraging User-Generated Content
Dealing With Complaints on Social Media
How to Find Your Social Media Audience
Defining Your Social Media Personality
Setting Your Social Media Goals
How to Use Headlines in Your Writing
How to Write to Sell
How to Make Your Writing Punchy
How to Make Your Writing More Concise
How to Make Your Writing Easy to Read
How to Edit Your Writing
How to Plan Your Writing
Defining Your Audience for Copywriting
How to Optimize Your Google Maps Listing
Setting Up a Google+ Account
What is Google+?

What is Google+?

by Ben Theis Short Course 3:30 mins
How Social Media Affects SEO
The Wrong Ways to Gain SEO Backlinks
How Backlinks Affect SEO
How to Do Keyword Research for SEO
The Right Ways to Write SEO Content
The Wrong Ways to Write SEO Content
How Google Ranks Websites
How Google Ranks New vs Old Content
How Meta Titles and Descriptions Work
How Content and Keywords Affect SEO
How to Construct Your Brand Story
Finding Your Brand Story's Core Message
How to Tell Your Brand Story
How to Spread Your Brand Story
How to Find a Brand Story Idea
Tips for Using Hotel Room Discounts
Content Marketing Ideas for Hotels
Getting People to View Your Videos
Tips for Outsourcing Video Production
Video Editing Tips

Video Editing Tips

by Caleb Wojcik Short Course 3:50 mins
How to Make Behind-the-Scenes Videos
Building Purpose Into Your Video Content
How to Shoot Video Content
A Guide to Video Equipment
How to Set Video Content Goals
Where to Upload Your Videos

Management 33 Courses

How to Source the Best Talent
How to Build a Harassment Free Workplace
How to Manage Conflict Between Staff
What Your Handshake Says About You
How to Write a Shift Report
How to Overcome Shyness
What Your Body Language Says About You
How to Build Your Team's Food Knowledge
How to Conduct Effective Staff Reviews
How to Run Effective Team Meetings
How to Stop Micromanaging Staff
How to Respond to Customer Feedback
How to Keep FOH and BOH on the Same Side
How to Roster Staff Effectively
How to Keep Staff Accountable
How to Be a Confident Manager
Dealing with a Hostile Guest
How Managers Can Delegate Tasks
How Managers Should Prioritize Tasks
How Managers Can Multitask and Save Time
Preparing for Your First Shift as Manager
How to Run Effective Meetings
Handling Interruptions and Time Wasters
How to Make Your Team Cost-Conscious
How to Lead a Team of Millennials
How to Better Manage Your Inventory
How to Reduce Theft in the Kitchen
How to Use a Food Order Guide

Service 88 Courses

How to Think About Dietary Restrictions
Common Food Allergies and Restrictions
How to Ask About Dietary Restrictions
Explaining Dietary Needs to Kitchen Staff
Understanding How to be a Good Server
Discovering What Service Means to You
Staying Humble in a Service Role
Providing Service with Integrity
Pushing Yourself as a Server
Communicating Properly with Guests
Offering Service with a Smile
Staying Ahead as a Restaurant Server
Improving Your Knowledge as a Server
Using Teamwork in the Restaurant
Taking Pride in Yourself as a Server
Service at the Tableside
A Guide to Restaurant Terminology
How to Interact with Restaurant Guests
How to Serve Food Correctly
Serving Ladies First (or Not)
Table Service Etiquette
How to Hold a Tray

How to Hold a Tray

by Kate Edwards Short Course 1:11 mins
How to Carry Multiple Plates
Properly Handling Restaurant Tableware
How to Clear a Table
Tips for Properly Handling Glassware
How to Serve Water to Guests
Serving Cocktails, Beer, and Champagne
Tips for Pouring Drinks Consistently
How to Clear Glassware From a Table
Taking Care of Your Body as a Server
The Best Back Exercises for Servers
The Best Shoulder Exercises for Servers
Pre-Shift Stretching Exercises
What to Eat During a Shift as a Server
Post-Shift Stretching Exercises
How To Properly Hold a Tray
How To Properly Shake a Cocktail
How to Build Trust Over the Phone
How to Project Confidence and Charisma
How Body Language Differs Across Cultures
How to Build Trust with Customers
How to Master the First Impression
How to Cater to Families with Children
How to Approach a Table Mid-Conversation
How to Deal With an Intoxicated Guest
Upselling Rooms Through Benefits
How to Respond to a Guest Complaint
Dealing With Rush Hour
When (and When Not) to Approach Tables
How to Sell the Specials
How to Set Tables

How to Set Tables

by Brooke Adey Short Course 1:33 mins
Running Food and Drinks From the Kitchen
How to Make Menu Recommendations
Taking Payment and Farewelling Guests
How to Clear Finished Plates
How to Take An Order By Hand
How to Greet and Seat Guests
Teaching Servers to Close a Sale
How Servers Can Sell Using Descriptions
Words Servers Should Use and Avoid
How to Introduce Servers to Selling
How to Motivate Young Servers
How Servers Can Set Priorities
4 Qualities To Look For In A Server
The Check Presenter Tip
How to Prevent Steaks Being Sent Back
How to Keep Coffee Hot for Longer
The 4 Key Times of the Dining Experience
How to Look Like a Pro Server
How to Properly Pace Courses as a Server
How Servers Can Prepare for a Shift

Business 29 Courses

How to Write a Job Advertisement
How to Protect the Sale of Your Business
Exercising the Option to Renew a Lease
The Different Types of Rent Structures
The Key Dates of a Tenant Lease Cycle
How to Manage Stress

How to Manage Stress

by Eric Papp Short Course 3:08 mins
How to Sell Expensive Menu Items
How to Write Menu Descriptions
How to Price Items On Your Menu
5 Ways to Hide the Money on Your Menu
4 Useful Tools for DIY Menu Design
How to Manage Your Business Systems
How to Improve Your Business Systems
Making Your Team Accountable to Systems
Getting Your Team Involved In Systems
How to Document Your Business Systems
How to Create Your Systems Template
How to Create Your Systems List
Why Systemize Your Business
Negotiating With Vendors on Food Cost
How to Reduce Food Waste
Determining the Cost of Batch Recipes
Calculating Your Prime Cost
Calculating Actual vs Ideal Food Cost
Calculating Your Cost of Goods Sold

Mentor Sessions 8 Courses

Drew Kulsveen: The Master of Willett Bourbon
Finding Your Passion as a Hospitality Entrepreneur
Empowering Your Staff to Make Decisions
Getting the Most Out of Your Team

Getting the Most Out of Your Team

Mentor Session 3:34 mins
What to Understand About Starting a Pub
How the Art Series Stands Out Through Marketing
The Vinomofo Origin Story

The Vinomofo Origin Story

Mentor Session 8:12 mins
Creating a Unique Wine Program

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