"We have to think of education as a lifelong thing, to shrink the size of our degrees and make education a daily habit, the same way we brush our teeth every day. We have to redefine what education really means."

- Sebastian Thrun, Entrepreneur Educator

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What is Typsy?

It's a library of video courses from the world's best hospitality instructors.

It's an online learning platform built to make learning fast, fun and on-the-go.

It's a way to continuously learn new skills and connect with like-minded community members.

Is Typsy for me?


I work in the hospitality industry and I am keen to learn new skills.



I own, manage or train staff in one or many hospitality venues.



I teach hospitality students at a vocational school, college, or university.


What's in it for me?

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Learn from the world's best, to master your craft.

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Train with instructors from across the globe, all from your own device, anytime, anywhere.

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Share your skills and experience with the world so you can land that dream job.

Hospitality skills suitable for any role led by world-class instructors.