Room service essentials

29m 24s

10 Lessons


Room service is one of the most sought-after luxuries among hotel guests, and it’s quickly becoming an expectation rather than a bonus. And now, in the post-2020 hospitality world, low- or no-contact food and beverage service is essential to help your guests continue to feel safe, secure, and well looked after.

That’s why this course is all about how to offer your guests exceptional room service. Follow along with Ben Kershaw, a hospitality veteran with over 15 years of experience working in five-star luxury hotels, as he guides you through everything you need to know about in-room catering - plus some handy tips and tricks you won’t hear anywhere else!


  • Why room service is such an essential part of the hotel experience
  • The logistics of how to provide room service
  • How to successfully take and process an order
  • The different types of room service requests you might encounter, and how to handle them
  • How to prepare for room service delivery
  • Best-practice strategies for entering a guest room
  • How to deliver in-room dining
  • Common room service challenges, and how to overcome them

This course is aimed at front office staff, food and beverage staff, and hotel managers looking to implement or improve their venue’s room service experience.