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Requests for room service can be simple, or incredibly complicated; they can arrive when things are quiet, or right in the middle of peak hours. No matter the circumstances, it’s absolutely vital that these requests are managed correctly and efficiently. In this lesson, Ben Kershaw explains how you can successfully communicate with the guest, and your colleagues, to ensure room service requests are handled correctly.

What you'll learn in the Managing guest room service requests lesson

  • Why it’s so important to take responsibility for guest requests
  • The potential consequences of incorrectly managing a request
  • How to seamlessly communicate guest requests to other staff and departments

Who the Room service essentials course is for

This online course is aimed at front office staff, food and beverage staff, and hotel managers looking to implement or improve their venue’s room service experience.


Ben Kershaw

Ben Kershaw is an experienced hotel manager and expert in room service delivery.

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