Espresso coffee fundamentals

44m 20s

15 Lessons

Coffee: it’s the thing that helps keep you awake in the morning, it gets you through the afternoon slump and comes in a variety of types. Really, it’s no wonder that more than 400 billion cups are consumed each year across the world.

In this course, barista champion and coffee leader Hugh Kelly will show you how to use and maintain the machine behind the perfect cup of coffee: the espresso machine.


  • What is espresso coffee?
  • Processing and roasting coffee beans
  • Storing coffee beans
  • Parts of an espresso machine
  • Grinding and dosing espresso coffee
  • Distributing and tamping espresso coffee
  • Extracting the perfect espresso shot
  • Understanding different types of milk
  • Stretching and texturing milk
  • Splitting milk
  • Pouring milk to make espresso drinks
  • Top tips for espresso coffee service
  • Cleaning an espresso machine

This course is perfect for budding baristas or someone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge behind an espresso machine.