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Like any role in the hospitality industry, it’s your responsibility to keep your work area clean and tidy. The espresso machine is your main point of call so learning how to keep it clean is important. A dirty machine can cause problems from bitter coffee to even worse disasters!

Everyone will have their own way of cleaning an espresso machine, but there are a few key parts which will always need a critical eye. Don’t forget, an espresso machine will be hot around the metal head, so be careful when cleaning!

In this lesson, learn how to clean an espresso machine between drinks, at the end of the day and what will happen if you don’t clean a machine properly.

This course is perfect for budding baristas or someone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge behind an espresso machine.


Hugh Kelly
Hugh Kelly runs the research and development side of ONA Coffee, Canberra’s largest specialty roaster, and supplier.
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