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It's a baristas best friend and the machine that makes things happen. The first time you see an espresso machine a few things could cross your mind: it looks like an alien spaceship, it sounds like a stovetop kettle, it comes in a range of sizes, and it has a variety of moving pieces.

It may look confusing and you may worry about running out of hands trying to do everything. But never fear, once you understand how to use an espresso machine, you'll realize that it isn't so scary and can make your life as a barista seamless.

What you'll learn in the Parts of an espresso machine lesson

  • The different types of espresso machines
  • The different parts of an espresso machine
  • The role each part has in making the perfect coffee

Who the Espresso coffee fundamentals course is for

This online course is perfect for budding baristas or someone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge behind an espresso machine.


Hugh Kelly
Hugh Kelly runs the research and development side of ONA Coffee, Canberra’s largest specialty roaster, and supplier.
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