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Grinding espresso coffee beans sounds easy, but did you know that the size you grind the beans too affects the taste of your coffee? The perfect grind will be very fine, like sand, and will allow the water for the coffee to take 20-30 seconds to filter through.

Once you've got your grind, you need to dose. This means measuring out the amount of coffee grinds needed to fill your basket. The fill will vary from machine to machine, this is because the fill depends solely on your machines basket size.

What you'll learn in the Grinding and dosing espresso coffee lesson

  • The importance of grinding and dosing coffee beans
  • The importance of grind size
  • How to manage the amount of coffee grinds in your basket

Who the Espresso coffee fundamentals course is for

This online course is perfect for budding baristas or someone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge behind an espresso machine.


Hugh Kelly
Hugh Kelly runs the research and development side of ONA Coffee, Canberra’s largest specialty roaster, and supplier.
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