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Low fat, no fat, full cream, high calcium, high protein, soy, light, skim, omega 3? Confused? Milk comes in a variety of types and can have a big impact on the quality of flavor experienced when drinking coffee.

When using different types of milk, you need to be aware that each variety handles heat differently. For cow’s milk, a temperature of 65 degrees (149F) will damage the flavor of the coffee, while soy and almond milk heated more than 40 degrees (104F) will burn.

In this lesson, learn about the different types of milk, how varieties of milk can affect coffee flavor and texture and key things to be aware of when using different types of coffee.

This course is perfect for budding baristas or someone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge behind an espresso machine.


Hugh Kelly
Hugh Kelly runs the research and development side of ONA Coffee, Canberra’s largest specialty roaster, and supplier.
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