Pastry fundamentals

41m 1s

12 Lessons


From croissants to entremets and cookies to meringues, pastry requires creativity as well as skill and precision. Pastry chefs use their imagination to share a story with their guests through an explosion of flavors. That’s how thoroughness, passion, and technique blend together to make the perfect pastry recipe. 

In this course, Kay-Lene Tan, head pastry chef at Tonka and Coda restaurants, teaches you all about the fundamentals of pastry. From learning the different types of flour and sugar to discovering the basic piping techniques to make Vienna cookies, you’ll be on your way to creating great pastry in no time!


  • The different types of dough, confectionery, and chocolate prepared by a pastry chef
  • The role and responsibilities of a pastry chef
  • How to use different pastry tools  
  • The different types of flour and sugar 
  • How to make French, Swiss and Italian meringue and apply it in recipe bases 
  • How to bake Vienna cookies 

This course is ideal for pastry chefs, people passionate about home pastry, or those who want to enter the industry.