Delivering passionate service


11 Lessons

When you’re working as a restaurant server, the difference between being the person who just takes orders and the person who creates memorable experiences for customers is in the approach you take to the work.

Delivering passionate service means challenging yourself to be the best server you can be – to the benefit of yourself as much as your guests!

Restaurant manager Jason James is in charge of the front of house team at Odd Duck, a farm-to-table restaurant renowned for its dedicated customer service. He believes in the importance of fostering a culture of positive change and growth among his staff.

In this online hospitality course, he shares his tips for self-directed professional development so you can be the best of the best!


  • What it takes to be a good server
  • How to discover what service means to you
  • The importance of humility in service
  • How to provide service with integrity
  • How to push yourself as a server
  • How to communicate properly with guests and co-workers
  • The importance of offering service with a smile
  • How to stay on top when you’re in the weeds
  • Tactics for improving your knowledge as a server
  • How to use teamwork in the restaurant

Servers, up your customer service skills with pointers from our experts and give your career a boost!