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Learning how to be a good server involves more than just perfecting your technique for carrying multiple plates. When you step onto the restaurant floor, you need to be in a mindset that puts customers first, ensuring each and every customer has a wonderful experience.

Restaurant manager Jason James shares his views on the values that drive good service and outlines the importance of living up to these values as a server in this online lesson.

What you'll learn in the Understanding how to be a good server lesson

  • The values that define good service
  • How to develop the foundations of exceptional service
  • How perfecting your role as a server will benefit you outside of work

Who the Delivering passionate service course is for

Servers, up your customer service skills with pointers from our experts and give your career a boost!


Jason James

Jason James is a partner and general manager at Austin’s farm-to-table restaurant Odd Duck, where he looks after all aspects of service and is in charge of the restaurant’s front of house team.

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