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Learning how to be a great server is a process that calls for ongoing education and recognition of yourself as an industry professional. As the primary contact for customers, you need to be well-versed in the goings-on of your venue, but also clued in to industry trends and practices.

Restaurant manager Jason James outlines why professional development is a key consideration for servers who want to excel in their job in this online lesson.

What you'll learn in the Pushing yourself as a server lesson

  • The importance of developing your skills beyond simply waiting tables
  • Why independent research and education outside of the workplace is crucial
  • How to keep up with the changing demands of the hospitality industry

Who the Delivering passionate service course is for

Servers, up your customer service skills with pointers from our experts and give your career a boost!


Jason James

Jason James is a partner and general manager at Austin’s farm-to-table restaurant Odd Duck, where he looks after all aspects of service and is in charge of the restaurant’s front of house team.

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