Front desk check-in and check-out

48m 31s

10 Lessons


When guests arrive at your venue, it’s the role of the front desk staff to check them in, arrange their room and provide their room key. All of these tasks contribute to the overall guest experience.

In this course, Hospitality Trainer Sam Mellor will teach you about best practices when it comes to check-in and check-out procedures to guarantee exceptional guest experiences from the first “hello”.


  • How check-in and check-out can affect the guest experience
  • What to prepare for a guest’s arrival
  • The different types of VIP guests
  • The importance of first impressions
  • What guest information needs to be confirmed at check-in
  • How to issue a room key card
  • How to allocate a room
  • How to handle common issues that arise during check-in
  • Best practice tips for checking out a guest

This course is perfect for front desk staff looking at strengthening their check-in and check-out practices.