COVID-19 business restart for managers

1h 4m 24s

14 Lessons


To overcome the challenges of COVID-19, hospitality businesses pivoted and innovated to survive and thrive. Now, as we move into the next stage of this pandemic, it’s important for the industry to look at what it really takes to restart and operate safely to prevent a resurgence of the virus.

In this course, Michael Bascetta, the co-founder of Worksmith and co-owner and operator of Bar Liberty, Capitano, and Falco Bakery, will share with you practical strategies to consider when restarting your business. You’ll explore best-practice strategies for post-COVID-19, including how to engage guests and staff, how to rebuild workplace culture, and more.


  • Why it is helpful to evaluate your health and wellbeing in preparation for reopening your business
  • How to re-evaluate yourself and step back into the business owner and leadership role
  • Why it is time to switch from survival to a growth mindset post-COVID-19 
  • How to identify what to consider including in your restart strategy
  • If your brand promise fits into the post-COVID-19 world
  • What was working to generate revenue pre-COVID-19 and what will be useful post-COVID-19
  • How to maintain operational practices following virus reducing techniques for cleaning and sanitizing personal hygiene, and employee monitoring
  • Your short-term cash position and how this impacts reopening
  • How to identify new revenue streams during COVID-19 survival or lockdown stage
  • What culture is and how it has been affected during this period
  • How to best engage with your online community

This course is aimed at hospitality business owners and managers who are restarting after the COVID-19 shutdown.