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There are lots of options for how you can generate revenue, but don’t just dive in. Each revenue stream should be worth the output and align with your brand promise. Just because it’s a potential revenue stream, doesn't mean it’s a good one for your business. In this lesson, Michael will differentiate revenue streams and discuss how to maintain them.

What you’ll learn

  • How to identify new revenue streams during COVID-19 survival or lockdown stages
  • How to identify new revenue streams that are aligned to your brand promise that can be established for your business
  • How to maintain new revenue streams post-COVID-19

This lesson is aimed at hospitality business owners and managers who are restarting after the COVID-19 shutdown.


Michael Bascetta
Michael Bascetta is the co-owner and operator of Bar Liberty, Capitano, and Falco Bakery and co-founder of Worksmith.
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