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The lead up to restarting your business could be fun, but you can't ignore the fact that things have changed! People's priorities may have changed, people may be concerned about getting back to work, or perhaps worried about their loved ones. Join Michael as he discusses how to establish a healthy workplace culture and how to support your team as they enter the next stage with you.

What you’ll learn

  • What workplace culture is and how it has been affected during this period
  • How to implement and practice three tips for building and maintaining workplace culture 
  • How to implement and practice three tips to support employees return to work during COVID-19 stages

This lesson is aimed at hospitality business owners and managers who are restarting after the COVID-19 shutdown.


Michael Bascetta
Michael Bascetta is the co-owner and operator of Bar Liberty, Capitano, and Falco Bakery and co-founder of Worksmith.
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