Concierge fundamentals

41m 36s

11 Lessons


Did you know that the modern hotel concierge was first developed in Paris in the 1920s? This was actually the first time a role had been specifically created to help visitors find their way around unfamiliar cities - and soon, concierges became a popular service in luxury hotels. Over the last 100 years, the role of the concierge has continued to evolve and is now one of the most essential roles in any luxurious hotel.

In this course, James Ridenour, Chief Concierge, will walk you through a day in the life of a modern hotel Concierge. You’ll discover what this means, what guests, managers, and colleagues expect from you, and how you can excel at being a hotel concierge.


  • The history and purpose of the concierge position
  • How to build your personal concierge brand
  • The need for the concierge to develop relationships with guests
  • Questioning techniques to understand your guests better in order to provide recommendations
  • Tips on what to include when preparing an itinerary
  • How to seek feedback to build local knowledge
  • The importance of following a hotel credit policy
  • The criteria to seek guest authorization
  • The criteria when outlining a booking confirmation
  • The importance of a strong records system
  • Common records that a concierge will keep and maintain
  • Tips for using guest luggage and valet tags
  • What to include when setting up a concierge workspace
  • How to positively respond and manage guests complaints
  • How to prioritize a guest compensation hotel policy

This course is aimed at new and aspiring concierge staff, and service staff required to perform concierge duties.