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One of the common questions you'll be asked as a concierge by guests is "what are the interesting places I can visit around your city"? It's in your best interest to provide recommendations that are tailored for each individual guest - otherwise, you're no more useful than Google. Doing this seamlessly is all about knowing the right questions to ask. In this lesson, James Ridenour explains what you can ask to help you provide tailored recommendations for your guests.

What you'll learn in the Providing recommendations for guests lesson

  • Questioning techniques to understand your guests better in order to provide recommendations
  • Tips on what to include when preparing an itinerary
  • How to seek feedback to build local knowledge

Who the Concierge fundamentals course is for

This online course is aimed at new and aspiring concierge staff, and service staff required to perform concierge duties.


James Ridenour

James Ridenour is a Chief Concierge and the 3rd Vice President of Le Clefs d’Or International.

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