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It’s every server’s nightmare – a customer has called you over right after you’ve delivered their meal and is now asking for it to be sent back to the kitchen.

This is the moment you have to go into damage control. Having the ability to handle this situation in a kind and professional manner can very quickly turn it around and ensure your customers leave on a positive note despite this glitch.

Young Waiter of the Year Brooke Adey shares her pro tips for overcoming this challenge and keeping your customers and co-workers happy at the same time!

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How to deal with a complaint about food in a restaurant
  • Tips for handling food complaints and rectifying the situation

Servers, find out how to handle these difficult situations without batting an eyelid.


Brooke Adey

Brooke Adey has worked for some of Sydney's most acclaimed eateries and is the current restaurant manager at The Paddington Inn.

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