Dealing with rush hour

Brooke Adey

1:28 mins

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Rush hour is one of the difficult realities of the hospitality industry that never seems to get easier, no matter how long you’ve been working as a server. The customers all come rushing in at once, adrenaline is high, and keeping the venue running smoothly becomes a challenge.

But the ability to handle rush hour in a calm and confident manner is a crucial asset for a server. Mastering this will not only make your life easier at work, but will help your co-workers too.

As an award-winning server and restaurant manager, Brooke Adey knows a thing or two about staying cool under pressure. In this lesson, she shares her tips for handling the busiest part of your shift.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How to deal with rush hour in your venue
  • Tips for staying calm when your workplace is at its busiest


Brooke Adey

Young Waiter of the Year 2015

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