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Giving guests an enjoyable and memorable dining experience requires your full attention from when they walk into your venue until the moment they leave.

This means that every interaction, including presenting the bill and saying goodbye, must be executed with care and professionalism. If you don’t stay on your game, the hard work you put in until that point will be wasted because your guests will remember only the disappointing end to their night.

Restaurant manager Brooke Adey shares her tips for taking payment and farewelling guests to leave a lasting impression that keeps customers coming back.

What you'll learn in the Taking payment and farewelling guests lesson

  • How to present the bill to guests
  • How to process payments
  • Tips for saying goodbye to customers and leaving a great final impression

Who the Front of house essentials course is for

Servers, learn hospitality skills for today’s world and up your service game with tips from our expert!


Brooke Adey

Brooke Adey has worked for some of Sydney's most acclaimed eateries and is the current restaurant manager at The Paddington Inn.

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