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As a customer, you’ve probably been in a situation when your best conversation moment has been interrupted by a server. But more likely, you’ve found yourself at work trying to figure out how to approach a table (to do the job they’re expecting of you) without interrupting. While waiting for a lull in conversation is ideal, it’s definitely not always possible and you’ll need to figure out other ways to interject politely.

Luckily Brooke Adey has some pro tips to share. As the winner of the Young Waiter of the Year award, she’s well versed in providing outstanding customer service.

What you'll learn in the How to approach a table mid-conversation lesson

  • Table service etiquette for when you need to interrupt a conversation among guests
  • Tips for picking the best moment to approach a table

Who the Front of house essentials course is for

Servers, learn hospitality skills for today’s world and up your service game with tips from our expert!


Brooke Adey

Brooke Adey has worked for some of Sydney's most acclaimed eateries and is the current restaurant manager at The Paddington Inn.

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