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Promoting the day’s specials without seeming pushy or making the upsell obvious isn’t always so easy. Selling the specials is an important consideration, but keeping your customers happy is your priority. That’s why it’s so important to figure out clever ways to promote your restaurant’s specials to customers.

Brooke Adey is here to help! As a restaurant manager and winner of the Young Waiter of the Year award, she knows a thing or two about providing outstanding service.

What you'll learn in the How to sell the specials lesson

  • How to promote restaurant specials to guests
  • Suggestive selling tips for menu specials (without being pushy)

Who the Front of house essentials course is for

Servers, learn hospitality skills for today’s world and up your service game with tips from our expert!


Brooke Adey

Brooke Adey has worked for some of Sydney's most acclaimed eateries and is the current restaurant manager at The Paddington Inn.

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