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The environment of a luxury spa plays a huge role in setting the right tone for every guest because it sets the initial impression and creates a sense of ambiance and relaxation. From scented candles to calming music, a well-designed and carefully curated environment can instantly transport guests into a world of tranquillity and luxury, allowing them to escape from their daily stresses.

In this online lesson about creating a luxury spa environment, Karen Coetzee will explain how the environment of a spa can impact the guest experience. You'll also discover the importance of maintaining a tranquil atmosphere.

What you'll learn in this lesson, Creating a luxury spa environment

  • The importance of a well-designed and carefully curated spa environment in creating a sense of tranquility and luxury for guests
  • How to develop an attentive and discerning eye for potential disruptions in a luxury spa environment that can detract from the guest experience
  • How to use a daily checklist to assess and address various aspects of the spa environment, from cleanliness and organization to the setup of treatment and relaxation areas

Who the Luxury spa and wellness guest services course is for

The Luxury spa and wellness guest services online course is aimed at beginners and spa professionals looking to enhance every moment of the spa experience for their guests.


Karen Coetzee

Karen Coetzee, has over 22 years of experience in the luxury spa industry, and has risen from a Spa Therapist at the age of 18 to become the Regional Director of Spa for Rixos Hotels Egypt. She has won numerous accolades such as GCC Spa Leader of the Year and contributed to multiple award-winning spas.

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