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When a guest checks in for a spa treatment, they are putting their wellbeing in your hands. Think about the last time you checked in somewhere, how did it make you feel? Did you feel welcomed and valued, or was it a bit disorganized and frustrating?

In this online lesson about checking guests into a spa, Karen Coetzee will explain some best practice tips for checking in guests. You'll learn what sort of information you need from your guests, how to listen to your guest's needs, and how to personalize their experience.

What you'll learn in this lesson, Checking guests into spa services

  • The information needed for a flawless check-in, how to gather it, and how to use it to lead a luxury-level conversation
  • How to enhance the guest experience by establishing an emotional connection through active listening and personalization during the check-in process

Who the Luxury spa and wellness guest services course is for

The Luxury spa and wellness guest services online course is aimed at beginners and spa professionals looking to enhance every moment of the spa experience for their guests.


Karen Coetzee

Karen Coetzee, has over 22 years of experience in the luxury spa industry, and has risen from a Spa Therapist at the age of 18 to become the Regional Director of Spa for Rixos Hotels Egypt. She has won numerous accolades such as GCC Spa Leader of the Year and contributed to multiple award-winning spas.

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