Porter fundamentals

29m 40s

10 Lessons


The porter is a hotel's first and last point of contact for guests. If the word ‘porter’ sounds unfamiliar, that’s because in some hotels they call a porter a Bell Service, Welcomer or Guest Service Agent. As the porter, you will lead the guest journey from the moment the guest arrives on the hotel driveway to the moment they have departed from the hotel.

In this course, Feras Ahmad, Director of Rooms and guest experience expert, will introduce you to the role of the porter. You’ll discover the fundamentals of preparing for guest arrivals, escorting guests, guest departures, and other services a porter will provide.


  • The purpose of a porter
  • Common titles for a porter
  • How the porter can affect the guest journey
  • A hotel porter's presentation standards
  • The personality of a hotel porter
  • The importance of communication relationships
  • How to prepare the lobby for guest arrivals
  • How to assist with guest arrivals including group bookings
  • How a porter greets guests
  • How to handle and tag luggage safely and respectfully
  • How to deliver luggage to rooms.
  • How to assist with guest departures (transporting luggage)
  • How to operate in-house luggage storage
  • The purpose of valet services for guest cars
  • How to arrange transport and transfers
  • How to prepare and respond to guest requests for local knowledge
  • The importance of teamwork and how it can enhance the guest experience
  • How to solve problems for guests efficiently and effectively

This course is aimed at new and aspiring porters, and anyone interested in getting a foot in the door to the hotel world.