Introduction to the kitchen

49m 9s

13 Lessons


Working in a kitchen takes a lot more than just learning how to cook and plate the perfect dish for your customers. It’s about mastering cooking techniques, practice, and communication. Learning the basics of working in a kitchen will set you up for a successful career in the hospitality industry.

In this course, Group Executive Chef John McFadden takes you through the basics of what to expect when working in the kitchen. You will be introduced to kitchen safety practices, basic knife cuts, and cooking techniques as well as the common tools used in a kitchen, how to control your stock, and how you can optimize your professional development.


  • The importance of kitchen safety policies and procedures
  • How to identify common hazards and how workplace injuries can be reduced
  • How to establish expected personal hygiene practices and presentation standards to be in a kitchen
  • The common health challenges and how to maintain your wellbeing when working in a kitchen
  • Behaviors expected in a commercial kitchen
  • How you can contribute to a positive kitchen culture
  • The benefits of working well with others
  • How to establish and strengthen interdepartmental relationships beyond the kitchen
  • The roles and sections within a kitchen and how they report to each other
  • How to receive and check goods
  • The importance of stock rotation
  • How to hold and use each knife
  • The five dry heat cooking methods and what food it is best used for
  • Tips for when you communicate with others
  • The top five tips from an executive chef to drive your development

This course is ideal for any kitchen staff member, kitchen hands, entry-level cooks, and anybody interested in learning the fundamentals of working in a commercial kitchen.