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Even though it might be a common challenge for business owners, maintaining a good workplace culture is essential. From boosting productivity to avoiding bullying and harassment issues, working well with others will benefit you and your colleagues.

In this lesson, John McFadden discusses how you can contribute to a positive kitchen culture and the benefits of working well with others.

What you’ll learn in the Behavior and culture in the kitchen lesson

  • Behaviors expected in a commercial kitchen
  • How you can contribute to a positive kitchen culture
  • The benefits of working well with others
  • How to establish and strengthen interdepartmental relationships beyond the kitchen

Who the Introduction to the kitchen course is for

This online course is ideal for any kitchen staff member, kitchen hands, entry-level cooks, and anybody interested in learning the fundamentals of working in a commercial kitchen.


John McFadden
Renowned as one of the great all-rounders of hospitality, John McFadden is a highly-motivated chef whose attention to detail is well-known industry-wide.
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