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Have you ever heard the terms "julienne" or "brunoise"? These are special ways to prepare vegetables. When you work in a kitchen, you'll hear these types of terms often.

In this lesson, John McFadden takes you through the different types of knife cuts, how to perform them, which knives you should use, and how to properly hold a knife.

What you'll learn in the Basic knife cuts lesson

  • How to hold a knife
  • How to identify and demonstrate five basic knife cuts
  • When to use each knife

Who the Introduction to the kitchen course is for

This online course is ideal for any kitchen staff member, kitchen hands, entry-level cooks, and anybody interested in learning the fundamentals of working in a commercial kitchen.


John McFadden
Renowned as one of the great all-rounders of hospitality, John McFadden is a highly-motivated chef whose attention to detail is well-known industry-wide.
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