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Working in a kitchen often means that you might work in a small space, handle knives daily, and carry heavy equipment. It’s crucial to understand how to be safe in the kitchen.

In this lesson, John McFadden explains how to keep you and others safe, and how to avoid common injuries that can happen in the kitchen.

What you’ll learn in the Being safe in the kitchen lesson

  • How to define safe work practices
  • The importance of kitchen safety policies and procedures
  • How to identify common hazards and how workplace injuries can be avoided

Who the Introduction to the kitchen course is for

This online course is ideal for any kitchen staff member, kitchen hands, entry-level cooks, and anybody interested in learning the fundamentals of working in a commercial kitchen.


John McFadden
Renowned as one of the great all-rounders of hospitality, John McFadden is a highly-motivated chef whose attention to detail is well-known industry-wide.
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