Introduction to hospitality management

30m 35s

10 Lessons

All of the hard work you’ve done over the years has paid off and you’ve been promoted to manager – congratulations! You’re about to embark on the next step of your hospitality career as a leader, with a wealth of experience guiding you on the upcoming journey.

With a new set of duties and responsibilities ahead of you, it’s important to get yourself ready for the task at hand.

Restaurant consultant Mike Ganino works with businesses to build strong brands and engage staff to provide consistently great service. In this online course on hospitality management, he shares his expert tips to guide you as you take the first steps into a leadership role.


By the end of this course you’ll be equipped with the know-how to take on your new role with confidence:

  • How to prepare for your first day as a manager
  • How to prioritize tasks at work
  • How to delegate tasks effectively
  • How to be a confident manager
  • How to roster staff effectively
  • How to multitask effectively at work
  • How to ensure your restaurant staff meet service standards
  • How to deal with difficult customers in a restaurant
  • How to deal with an intoxicated guest
  • How to respond to customer feedback

This course is ideal for new hospitality managers, or for servers looking to skill up!

Take your career to the next level with these pointers from the world’s best.