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One of the most important duties a manager undertakes is knowing how to roster staff effectively. A poorly organized roster can create a cluster of problems that will affect your business, from understaffed shifts to soaring costs.

In this staff rostering lesson, restaurant consultant Mike Ganino shares his pro tips to help you create weekly rosters that ensure every shift runs seamlessly. But, why is effective staff rostering important? Every business needs a well-designed rostering plan to ensure your business is getting the best from your staff and in turn, your business will operate efficiently and effectively. Some of the benefits of having an effective staff roster include:

  • Easily track staff productivity
  • Forecast upcoming staff leave requests
  • Keep your staff happy by ensuring work-life balance
  • Motivate staff and ensure they're working at their best 
  • Ensure staff are receiving the appropriate number of working hours
  • Save your business time and money by avoiding over or under-staffing

What you'll learn in the How to roster staff effectively lesson

  • How to roster staff effectively
  • Tips for helping you organize your upcoming shifts
  • What to keep in mind when rostering staff

Who the Introduction to hospitality management course is for

This online course is ideal for new hospitality managers, or for servers looking to skill up!


Mike Ganino

As a restaurant consultant and trainer, Mike Ganino teaches managers how to be more effective leaders, create better team cultures and drive organizational growth.

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