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As a manager you’ll find yourself with a lot more responsibility than you had in your previous role. All the action happening behind the scenes will be in your hands, but you will remain front and center too, with floor staff and customers. Learning how to prioritize tasks at work will become crucial – after all, you’ve got a whole team depending on your leadership and guidance now.

Restaurant consultant Mike Ganino shares some pro tips to help you excel as a manager. Due to his expertise in emerging leadership trends, Mike’s advice will help you nail the skills you need to lead your staff with confidence.

What you'll learn in then How managers should prioritize tasks lesson

  • How to prioritize your time at work as a restaurant manager
  • How to look after staff, customer and business needs on shift

Who the Introduction to hospitality management course is for

This online course is ideal for new hospitality managers, or for servers looking to skill up!


Mike Ganino

As a restaurant consultant and trainer, Mike Ganino teaches managers how to be more effective leaders, create better team cultures and drive organizational growth.

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