Introduction to front office

37m 22s

10 Lessons


Also called the 'nerve center', the front office is an essential department of a hotel, being in contact with guests 24/7. From managing check-in and out, opening the doors of the hotel, handling guests' luggage, making great first impressions, and ensuring rooms are ready for guests, there’s a lot to know when working in the front office.

In this course, Front Office Manager Sofia Barroso Gomez introduces you to the front office and what it takes to be part of the front office team to ensure positive guest experiences.


  • The guest journey in the front office
  • How each front office role interacts and contributes to the guest experience
  • The different types of guests and their traits
  • How to communicate with each guest to influence a positive guest experience
  • How to present yourself to a hotel’s presentation and grooming standards
  • Four simple steps to positively interact with guests and make them feel welcomed
  • How to prepare for guest arrivals
  • The different room and service types
  • How to offer the right room and services to your guests
  • The two common meetings held by the front office
  • How to host a front office handover between shifts
  • The front office presentation standards and common tools to help you run front office operations smoothly
  • How to respond to guest complaints

This course is ideal for hotel employees as well as any workers in the hospitality industry wanting to learn more about the fundamentals of front office.