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Whether it's mentioning spa treatments available in your hotel or ensuring your guests know about room service, you must know the different services and types of rooms your hotel provides to ensure great customer service. In this lesson, Sofia Barroso Gomez introduces you to the different types of rooms and services you should know about, and how to best advise your guests on choosing the right room.

What you'll learn in the Types of rooms and service lesson

  • The different types of rooms and features
  • How to offer the right room and service to guests

Who the Introduction to front office course is for

This online course is ideal for hotel employees as well as any workers in the hospitality industry wanting to learn more about the fundamentals of front office.


Sofia Barroso Gomez
Renowned for her charisma and empathy, Sofia Barroso Gomez has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 10 years and works at the 5-star hotel, VP Plaza EspaƱa Design in Madrid as the Front Office Manager.
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