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As a hospitality business owner, you've got your hands full with day-to-day business operations - the last thing you need to be worrying about is your kitchen hemorrhaging money.

With the right systems in place, you can take control of your finances to run a business that gives you the most bang for your buck. By reducing waste and easily avoidable mistakes, you'll soon start to see the results in your profits.

With 15 years of experience as a professional cook, Ryan Gromfin has experienced all this first hand. Now as the founder of the consulting company The Restaurant Boss, Ryan works with restaurant owners to reduce costs and increase profits.

In this Better food cost management online course, he shares his pro tips and formulas to help you achieve better food cost management in your venue.

Enroll in our Food Cost Control Course and learn how to control food and beverage costs effectively. With Ryan Gromfin's expert guidance from The Restaurant Boss, you can reduce expenses, increase profits, and optimize your business operations. Take charge of your business's financial success!

What you will learn in the Better food cost management course

  • How to calculate cost of goods sold
  • How to calculate prime cost
  • How to calculate batch recipe and menu item costs
  • How to calculate actual and ideal food costs
  • How to manage inventory in your venue
  • How to manage portion control in the kitchen
  • How to reduce food waste and kitchen theft
  • How to negotiate with vendors for the best deal
  • How to use a food order guide

Take a Food Cost Management Course: Improve your knowledge of food cost control through our "Better Food Cost Management Course." Learn to calculate cost of goods sold, prime cost, and batch recipe/menu item costs. Gain insights into managing inventory, portion control, and reducing food waste/theft. Acquire valuable skills in negotiating with vendors for the best deals and utilizing a food order guide effectively. Enroll now to enhance your restaurant's profitability and efficiency.

Who the Better food cost management course is for

Hospitality business owners and managers, sharpen up your financial skills with help from the experts!

Meet your instructor

Ryan Gromfin

Former chef Ryan Gromfin is a consultant for the restaurant industry. He uses his extensive experience to help owners and managers reduce costs and increase profits.

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