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Did you know 55% of buyers say they would be more likely to buy from sellers who can advise them a solution during the process? Great sales performance is about so much more than facilitating a transaction - your customers want to get trustworthy advice. And that's where consultative selling comes in.

In this online lesson about consultative selling for sales performance, Katharina Darisse will explain how you can adopt a consultative approach to your sales strategy.

What you'll learn in the Consultative selling for sales performance lesson

  • What consultative selling means
  • How consultative selling can help you retain clients
  • How to embrace a consultative selling approach for added value for your clients

Who the Advanced hotel sales skills course is for

The Advanced hotel sales skills online course is aimed at Hotel Sales Managers looking to optimize their sales strategy. 


Katharina Darisse

Katharina Darisse is the Founder and Director at The Skill Shop GbR.

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