Sustainable food practices

42m 56s

11 Lessons


Did you know that one-third of all food produced globally is put into waste bins each year? That’s 1.3 billion metric tons of food!

Around the globe hoteliers, restaurants, and cafe owners have started to integrate sustainable practices into their business models to provide an enhanced guest experience while also focusing on the importance of sustainability in our current environmental climate.

In this course, the owner and co-founder of the world’s most sustainable restaurant, Restaurant Nolla, Carlos Henriques helps you think about sustainability in your restaurant or kitchen, and where you can find small opportunities to improve sustainability without compromising quality or financial profitability. From sustainable food sourcing and menus to minimizing food and packaging waste, and creating your sustainability plan, Carlos Henriques will share his best tips to help you make a positive impact.


  • The concept of sustainability and its importance in the hospitality industry
  • Building a mindset of sustainable food practices with your team
  • The four P’s strategy
  • How to establish sustainable food practices when sourcing food
  • What to consider when developing a sustainable food menu
  • Practices that will help you reduce food waste
  • How to measure the financial and environmental impacts of minimizing food waste
  • How to remove or reduce packaging from suppliers
  • How to establish a balance between profitability and sustainability
  • How to communicate sustainability ethically and in practical terms
  • How to draft a sustainability plan for your business
  • Why working towards sustainability is a continuous and necessary process

This course is ideal for any kitchen employees and staff members wanting to learn more about sustainable food practices.