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Designing a sustainable food menu can help you reduce your food waste. Whether you build your menu based on products that are in season or decide to reduce portion sizes, there are different avenues you can take to reduce waste in your venue.

In this lesson, Carlos Henriques shares with you his top tips to reduce food waste and what to consider when developing sustainable menus.

What you'll learn in the Developing sustainable menus that reduce waste lesson

  • What to consider when developing sustainable menus
  • How to introduce practices that will reduce waste when designing a menu

Who the Sustainable food practices course is for

This online course is ideal for any kitchen employees and staff members wanting to learn more about sustainable food practices.


Carlos Henriques

With a passion for the hospitality industry and a desire to reduce food waste without compromising food quality, Carlos Henriques is the proud owner and co-founder of the world’s most sustainable venue - Restaurant Nolla.

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