Sales techniques for food & beverage

39m 57s

11 Lessons


Think being a server is just about collecting orders, delivering food to tables, finishing the bill and saying goodbye to your guests? Think again! Being a server in an F&B venue involves a lot of serving but also a lot of selling.

In this course, restaurant coach Roger Beaudoin will teach you about different sales techniques that you can use to create an experience for your guests that also results in increased sales.


  • Identify the 3 key result areas for sales
  • Identify mistakes commonly seen in a customer sales role
  • Understand how your behaviour can influence both positive or negative outcomes
  • How to identify the sales cycle within your F&B venue
  • The value of product knowledge
  • What and how to use suggestive selling
  • Questioning techniques that increase sales
  • Customer buying signals
  • Common objections presented by guests
  • The difference between upselling and cross-selling

This course is perfect for F&B staff and servers working in F&B businesses who regularly interact with customers.