How to sell more functions and events

47m 27s

12 Lessons


When it comes to selling events, it isn’t as simple as greeting your client and getting them to sign a contract. In fact, there are many steps you need to consider before your client is even ready to seal the deal. From the right location in your venue to upselling and more, understanding your client’s wants and needs is all part of the selling process.

In this course, Bree Wailes, Founder of We Surge, will provide practical tips and tools to help you increase your business revenue. You’ll learn about the sales mindset, tracking conversions, hosting site inspections, and more.


  • The importance of selling more events
  • How to establish a sales mindset
  • How to present yourself
  • The 3 step process to sell more vents
  • How to calculate your conversion percentage
  • How to track your inquiry, tentative and conversion process to funnel blind spots
  • How to identify touchpoints from inquiry to conversion
  • Why client profiles will help you sell more
  • How to build client profiles
  • How to design email templates to pitch for the next step
  • How to design effective sales questions and scripts
  • How to host site inspections
  • Why positive relationships influence your sales outcomes
  • How product knowledge can increase sales
  • The difference between reactive and proactive sales
  • How to lockdown repeat clients

This course is aimed at event sales coordinators and managers as well as those interested in strengthening their event sales techniques.