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A proactive sale is one that you have initiated 100% on your own. Being proactive in sales is presenting your venue as the best option before your clients even thought about it themselves. It requires putting together a strong strategy to help increase your success rate. In this lesson, Bree demonstrates the five steps to design and action a proactive sales strategy and how you can build this into your day of reactive sales.

What you'll learn in the Proactive event sales lesson

  • The difference between reactive and proactive sales
  • How to leverage your data to proactively sell
  • How to build a proactive sales strategy for peak and off-peak periods
  • How to lockdown repeat clients

Who the How to sell more functions and events course is for

This online course is aimed at event sales coordinators and managers as well as those interested in strengthening their event sales techniques.


Bree Wailes

Bree Wailes is a founder of We Surge, a business specializing in Event, Wedding & Hospitality Sales.

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