Front desk upselling

36m 2s

10 Lessons


Upselling to your guests is an important part of generating revenue in your venue. But without the proper skills or confidence, your upselling techniques can fall flat and leave your guests with a negative experience.

In this course, Founder & CEO of HBD Upselling Solutions Alejandro Francino will teach you about upselling and ways to utilize it when checking guests into your hotel to achieve positive results.


  • The role of the front desk in the sales process
  • The importance of product knowledge when making recommendations
  • The importance of creating a positive first impression
  • How to gather information about guests
  • How to make recommendations based on guest needs</li>
  • The importance of first and last impressions
  • How to identify guest's reactions to upselling techniques
  • How to handle guest resistance
  • The importance of offering additional services
  • How to build rapport with guests

This course is perfect for front desk staff looking at strengthening their sales techniques.