Food delivery operations

40m 22s

12 Lessons


Food delivery is one of the fastest growing areas of hospitality operations and services. This was true even before 2020, but since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak across the world, food delivery has become a fundamental element of how cafes and restaurants stay afloat when dine-in options are limited or unfeasible.

This course has been designed to help you understand what you need to know about how food delivery can work best for your business - everything from logistics to staff to maintaining great product quality from start to end.

With guidance from Scott Landers, co-founder of Figure 8 Logistics and expert in managing direct-to-consumer food operations, you can discover how to improve your offering and take advantage of this ever-expanding area of hospitality.


  • The marketplace delivery cycle
  • How to adapt your kitchen process for delivery
  • Understanding logistical considerations for delivery operations
  • How to incorporate guest feedback into your processes
  • Planning your delivery operations
  • How to test and launch your delivery process
  • How to ensure you maintain great quality food during delivery
  • What the future of food delivery looks like
  • How to manage delivery staff and build rapport

This course is aimed at managers, owners and operators of hospitality venues offering food and beverage delivery.