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Sometimes we think of food delivery as an afterthought - something we can just tack on the end of our usual workflow. But not taking time to plan delivery workflow can cause preventable problems! How do front-of-house staff tell the difference between pick up and delivery orders? What if one delivery order has a mix of hot and cold foods?

In this lesson, Scott Landers talks through the importance of planning for any and all potential issues in delivery workflow or service.

What you'll learn in the Planning delivery operations lesson

  • What a dispatch role is, and how to staff for it
  • How and why you should showcase your business' commitment to safety and sustainability
  • Why it's important to use insulated delivery bags

Who the Food delivery operations course is for

This online course is aimed at managers, owners and operators of hospitality venues offering food and beverage delivery.


Scott Landers

Scott Landers is a co-founder of Figure 8 Logistics, the world’s first food delivery consulting agency.

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