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As we've seen so far, there's a lot more to food delivery than putting a meal in a box and dropping it off at a door. Once you've got your delivery cycle in place and you've planned your workflow, you need to test it all works properly - and, of course, make sure everyone knows your delivery service has launched!

In this lesson, you'll learn some best-practice strategies to help you test and launch a new or improved delivery service.

What you'll learn in the Testing and launching your food delivery operations lesson

  • What unit testing is, and how to conduct it
  • What user testing is, and how to conduct it
  • How to establish guidelines for promoting and launching a new food delivery enterprise

Who the Food delivery operations course is for

This online course is aimed at managers, owners and operators of hospitality venues offering food and beverage delivery.


Scott Landers

Scott Landers is a co-founder of Figure 8 Logistics, the world’s first food delivery consulting agency.

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