Food allergies

36m 18s

10 Lessons

More than 170 foods have been reported to cause allergic reactions. So, when your business relies on the food you sell, it can often be hard to know how to keep your customers who suffer from allergic reactions free from harm.

In this course, founder and president of CertiStar, Shandee Chernow, will help you understand important information about food allergies that will help you keep your customers safe.


  • Welcome - Food allergies
  • Food allergy facts
  • Allergic reactions and anaphylaxis - signs & symptoms
  • Would you eat this if you were allergic?
  • Serving guests with food allergies
  • Determining best food options for guests with allergies
  • Preventing allergen contamination - Back of House (BOH)
  • Preventing allergen contamination - Front of House (FOH)
  • What to do if someone has an allergic or anaphylactic reaction
  • Conclusion - Food allergies

This course is perfect for any hospitality staff member responsible for taking part in or managing food and beverage service or preparation.

This course is globally recognized by the Institute of Hospitality and is worth one (1) CPD point. Find out more.